Albany Edit & Video Transfer
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Locally Owned & Operated, Fast Turnaround

Albany Edit & Video Transfer is your "home movie headquarters" for converting VCR VHS, 8 mm & Super 8 Films, Slides & Photos to DVD or MP4 USB Thumb Drives. Preserve sounds from the past from records, cassettes or reel to reel to CD or MP3. Serving the Albany Area and Capital Region for over 22 years. The Central Ave walk-in location closed 4/15/22, but we still offer the same great services. You can either mail in your projects or use the Drop-Box for your convenience 24/7 in Valatie, NY.

General Services

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Videotapes to DVD

$30 per 2 Hours

A single VCR VHS videotape up to 2 hours in length done individually or combine your tapes on to as few 2 Hour DVD's a possible. (additional $5 per tape change for projects under 10 hours)

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Videotapes to Thumb Drive

$40 per 2 Hours

One or more videotapes converted to thumb-drive as MP4 files.
Projects are billed in 2 hour increments of actual footage captured from your tapes.

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Films Conversion

$.20 per Foot
    + Setup

Convert your 8mm Silent, Super 8 (Sound or Silent), 16mm (Silent) Films to DVD or Thumb Drive.

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Cassette to CD or MP3

$25 per 80 mins

Transfer an Audio Cassette Tape to a CD or USB Thumb-drive. A standard Audio CD only holds 80 mins per disc. Thumb-drives can hold MUCH more.

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DVD Copies

$10 ea.

Copy DVD to DVD. Includes simple printed label and slim poly-case.
For quantity pricing please call (518)456-7922

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DVD Rip to USB Thumb-Drive MP4

$15 per DVD

Convert your Video DVD to a MP4 File that can play on computers and many new Smart TVs. It's also the best way to share you videos on YouTube and Social media sites or just back them up to the cloud for safe keeping.

Even More Services

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Photo to Video Slide Shows Set to Music

Call for quotes

Organize your photos and make the into a video slides show. Great surprise gifts for birthdays & anniversaries or remember those lost in memorial videos you can share with the whole family.

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Digital Camera Backup to DVD

$30 per 2hrs

Backup and transfer your full Hard Drive camcorder to as few 2 Hour DVDs as possible. These DVDs will play in DVD Players or just have us back up the whole camera to a USB Thumb Drive (Cost based on storage size)

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Records to CD or USB Thumb Drive

$30 - $35 ea.

Save your favorite albums or voices from the past on to CD or USB. All conversions include pop/click filtering to help reduce noisy playback.

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Video Tape Repair

$10 - $20 per tape

Most tape cases can be repaired in most cases. Including splicing a tape that's been torn. I have supplies for most of the consumer formats to replace parts or the whole case and spindles. Minor repairs (broken door/splices) are included in transfers to DVD & USB. However videotapes that are breaking down due to magnetic tape failure cannot usually be saved.

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Mud & Mold Removal

$10 - $30 per tape

I've had good success in saving tapes damaged by mold, mud or water damage. Most just require some TLC and patience. Removal of some superficial surface mold maybe included in transfers.

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Open Reel Audio to CD or USB Drive

$35 per 80 mins

Listen to sounds from the past stored on your Reel to Reel audio tapes when they are converted to Audio CD or MP3 files on a USB Thumb Drive.


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8mm - Super 8 - Dual 8

Starting at $50 ea.

Need a film projector to view your films or even to decorate your room. I have over 50 to choose from. These used projectors are tested and serviced before sale. They are all fully functional and include take-up reels and working bulbs. Let me know what you're looking for and we can find one that works for you.

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About The Company

Albany Edit & Video Transfer was established in 2001 and the doors officially opened at 1593 Central Ave in Albany, NY on April 1, 2001. Albany Edit served consumers and professionals by bridging the gap between the video formats and preserving older memories on modern media. This continued for 2 decades and saw the great shift away from analog to digital formats. The walk-in location closed April 15, 2022 and transitioned to Online/Mail order with a 24/7 drop-off location in Valatie, NY. and while a walk-in location no longer exists the focus is still on a local personalized service.

How to mail a project

I've tried to make it easy.


Mail-In or Drop-Off
your project


I'll contact you to
confirm the instructions


Pay in Person or Online
 Pick Up 
or I'll Mail Back

Dropping Off at the Drop-Box

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You can drop-off your project in Valatie, NY located off I-90 Exit 12 just 35 - 40 minutes South East of Albany.

Simply place your project and order form in the drop-box at the end of my driveway, then call (518)456-7922 with your name, phone number and the word “Drop-Off”. It will be retrieved shortly after.

Enter 2640 State Route 203, Valatie, NY 12184 into your GPS or Google maps. The Drop Box is located in my Mail Shed at the end of my driveway.

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The Drop-Box

(Pictured above)
Is located inside the mail shed near the Road on Route 203

Why clients choose me?

I transfer your project, your way. Unlike other online video conversion companies, we don't do cookie cutter packages with no flexibility. I can combine tapes, do minor editing, repair tapes and other customizations to fit your needs.

I do all the work in house. Nothing is farmed out or sent to another facility for processing.

I fix your tapes and films to get the best run out of them I can. If your videos are moldy or broken other companies just refuse the item and move on. 

People trust me and keep coming back. I've been working professionally in the Audio Video field for more than 25 Years.

Ask a video service question.

Feel free to reach out about the services we offer or maybe we do something not listed.



(518) 456-7922
Monday - Friday 9am to 5pm
Saturday 10am to 2pm
Sun only emails and texts
or by appointment pickups


Mailing Address

2640 State Route 203 #50
Valatie, NY 12184

© Copyright 2022 Albany Edit & Video Transfer

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